Friday, January 9, 2009

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Yesterdays Arizona Daily Star Fitz cartoon and my comment upon it made me realize that you have a problem with your User Guidelines.

In the cartoon, Fitz depicts a gay person who is offended by honoring Rick Warren as a "flaming" extremist and a bigot.

In my comment, I asked why people could understand how a Jew would be offended by honoring an anti-Semite, but when a gay person is offended by honoring someone who is anti-gay they are branded a "flaming" extremist and bigot ?

The comment was sequestered for hours while your editor tried to decide if it violated your User Guidelines.

What does one do when it is the ARTICLE, not the comment, which "degrades others on the basis of ...., sexual preference..."

I would suggest the simple solution of following your own guidelines in your articles, and life would be better for all of us.