Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Marriage Amendment is back - help needed today

The anti-marriage amendment is back.

After it looked like the amendment had been derailed, it is back on the agenda for the Arizona House of Representatives. Things may move very quickly-the House could vote on the amendment at any time, possibly on today, April 22, and the Senate might immediately follow. If the legislature approves the amendment, it will be on this November's ballot, just two years after a similar effort was defeated.

Please let anyone in Arizona know about this - if it gets on the November ballot it will be a disaster not only for gays and lesbians, but for all Democrats running for office.

If you are in AZ you can email your two State Representatives here:


Or even better please call them now at 602-926-4221 or 1-800-352-8404 to urge them to vote no on SCR 1042, as amended. Urge them to keep this divisive amendment off the ballot.

If you don't know who you your 2 State Representatives are, you can call the capitol switchboard at 602-926-4221 or 1-800-352-8404 and tell them you live in House District 29 and you would like to speak with both of your representatives.

Or, you can lookup your 2 State Representatives online at


Then call the Arizona House of Representatives switchboard at 602-926-4221 or 1-800-352-8404 and ask to speak with your representatives!

Friday, April 11, 2008

KUAZ’s Straight White Community

KUAZ is conducting their semi-annual fundraiser explaining that they are not beholden to commerical interests and are free to report even politically incorrect news of interest to its “community”.

Turning to KJZZ – the NPR station in Phoenix, I learn that the legislature has voted out another anti-gay-marriage “referendum” for our November ballot.

So for months we are going to be hearing advertisements claiming that gay people are destroying the family – and ultimately the nation.

But there isn’t a whisper of this on KUAZ – I guess that it doesn’t affect their “community”.

It isn’t that they hate gay people – it is just that we are invisible to them.

We are good for entertainment, NPR’s minstrel show, and they will trot out David Sedaris for a laugh.

And they strive for diversity – they report on immigrants and Native Americans and have homophobic black preachers explain civil rights to us.

But somehow we aren’t here.

So I called and promised a $100 donation, on the one condition that sometime during the day I heard about the anti-gay amendment on their news reporting.

They wouldn’t take my money – which at least is honest of them.