Friday, April 11, 2008

KUAZ’s Straight White Community

KUAZ is conducting their semi-annual fundraiser explaining that they are not beholden to commerical interests and are free to report even politically incorrect news of interest to its “community”.

Turning to KJZZ – the NPR station in Phoenix, I learn that the legislature has voted out another anti-gay-marriage “referendum” for our November ballot.

So for months we are going to be hearing advertisements claiming that gay people are destroying the family – and ultimately the nation.

But there isn’t a whisper of this on KUAZ – I guess that it doesn’t affect their “community”.

It isn’t that they hate gay people – it is just that we are invisible to them.

We are good for entertainment, NPR’s minstrel show, and they will trot out David Sedaris for a laugh.

And they strive for diversity – they report on immigrants and Native Americans and have homophobic black preachers explain civil rights to us.

But somehow we aren’t here.

So I called and promised a $100 donation, on the one condition that sometime during the day I heard about the anti-gay amendment on their news reporting.

They wouldn’t take my money – which at least is honest of them.

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