Friday, May 2, 2008

KUAZ - Tucson NPR - runs Republican propaganda

Arizona Spotlight

Former Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe brings us a guest commentary on the subject of free trade, and the responsibilities it creates for both the United States and our trading partners.

That is the way that they label a blatantly partisan attack on the Democrats for not passing Bush's Columbian free trade bill.

You can hear Kolbe's commentary here starting at about the 13 minute mark.

I have complained about KUAT's bias in the past, without any response or effect and have reached the point where I refuse to support the station and listen to KJZZ out of Phoenix, which has a repeater and can be heard here in Tucson at 98.9

But I would really like to change the KUAT culture if possible - I have listened to NPR all over the US, even in the deep south, and it is the most "conservative" affiliate I have encountered.

Is there something that can be done - can the Dems ask for equal time ?

You can complain here if you think it might have an effect.

*P.S. - Jim Kolbe is currently campaign manager for a guy who wants to amend the state constitution to prevent gays from marrying. My understanding of the problem with the Columbian trade bill is Columbia's human rights problems so it is no surprise to me that human rights doesn't register as anything of concern to him

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